What does Social media platform mean?

Bluetick or verification states that your account is quite famous has a great presence publicly where your account will show on the top.

You have various platforms available for verification like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and more...

This small blue tick states that the account is trustworthy.

In recent years, The social media platform has become wide so the ways of all social media platforms have changed. Verified badge opens various new opportunities to grow and become the game-changer. by giving more value to the platform.

Benefits of Verification Badge On Social Media Platforms

Builds Trust

A verified badge builds trust with the audience to follow you to share your feeds verified badge is worth gold weight


Today and for the future, everyone including patients lives in the world of digitalization and is full of technology and according to the research and statistics healthcare industry has boomed and started from the Internet.

Official Account

A verified badge is hard to achieve if not done properly because social media platforms algorithms have changed a lot in past years though a verified badge creates trust and belief so your account becomes official and important.

Improved Search

Since you are verified and built trust with the social media platforms as well then social media platforms algorithms will make you at the top of search results easier for the audience to find you as a brand.

Early Access

Verified accounts on social media get early access to new and latest features which are not available for other users for their products & services

Our Specialities

Types Of Social Media Platform Verifications

Instagram Verification

Facebook Verification

Twitter Verification

Linkedin Verification

Pinterest Verification

Youtube Verification

Reddit Verification

Tumblr Verification

And more B2B Social media handles depending upon the type of business/services

Why Sachin Gupta ?

Let’s share this with everyone there's a Black market on Instagram, There scammers will sell blue tick or verified badges with 100% guarantee and promise people to get the badge in 2 - 3 hours at a low cost. Instagram has announced its own feature where any famous personality can send requests for verification so that the users avoid the black market. 

Instagram Algorithm says there must be a source of your identity or your online presence in the world of the Internet then only you can get verified. 

There are a few simple requirements & steps to make it happen easily under the proper efficient work.

My Team will help you follow all the requirements which are mandatory before sending a request to Instagram for the verified badge. We have various other sources to make it happen after so many researches and with the depth of knowledge.

Get verified today on your social media platforms with Sachin Gupta!

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