Importance of Facebook Ads for E-Commerce

"Organic Traffic" is the need of the hour, that's what everyone is fighting for, or talking about. That's what will give you a higher ranking in the SERP, that's what will give business to any organization and income to any blog. But is that everything? Well, it's true that organic traffic is needed to rank, but to get business it is not everything! To get business, especially for eCommerce ventures, you need to run the paid ad campaigns on a regular basis. And what's the best platform for that? You guessed it right, it's Facebook, the world's largest social media platform.

Exclusive high quality, user-engaging content is necessary to drive traffic towards your eCommerce site, do your favorite "SEO" and rank it on the search engines. But apart from that, if you want to stay ahead of the competitors, get immediate business, double-up the sales, generate a hundred/thousand times higher revenues instantly, then go for the Facebook paid ads, that's the best for your business. You might require to hire a Facebook Ad expert in that case, but that's okay, it's worth it.  

How to Get Started With the Facebook Paid Ad Campaign for E-Commerce Sites?

Invest a month's time gathering in-depth knowledge on Facebook paid ad campaigns and how to drive targeted audience through it towards your eCommerce site and make a profit. If it requires you to invest some money and join a paid course for it, join it, and learn it, because it's worth learning it. Why I am suggesting you learn it because as you are the owner of your business, nobody will understand your business better than you. If you do it or not all by yourself at a later stage of marketing, that's a different issue. But, it is very important to have a clear understanding of the ad campaign system yourself. So you can invest in it effectively.

Is That the Only Solution Learning Facebook Paid Ad Campaign for E-commerce Site?

It would be better if you learn it yourself and then outsource the work. But, yeah if you want to totally outsource the stuff and have complete faith in the professional you hire to run the paid ad campaign for your site, then go ahead.

How Will Ads be Optimized and Targeted?

The Facebook Ad Manager is very smart and effective as they have taken this paid ad campaign very seriously in the past couple of years. They have generated huge revenue through ad campaigns as there are many advertisers who have invested a huge amount of money to get their desired audience. So the system is now all equipped with AI and stuff and they have poured all kinds of the latest technology into it to perform the best, like a human using their own intelligence and picking up the most appropriate potential customers for your products.

The system is so smart and efficient that it will pick the ads based upon the person's interest and show them in the current feeds. As an advertiser, you can select the crowd using various filtering options and select the most suitable targeted audience for your eCommerce site.

What Are the Measures to Follow While Running a Facebook Ad Campaign?

Select the Target Audience for Your E-Commerce Product You Want to Sell

Depending upon the product you are targeting to sell, you get the audience. Suppose you are targeting the beauty and cosmetic products to sell, then your target should be the working ladies or housewives who use these products on a regular basis. Now the Ad Manager is efficient enough to find out the right person to show the right ad at the right time, whenever she is most likely to pay attention to the ad. Isn't it amazing?

You Can Also Target Multiple Product Selling in the Same Ad

While creating the ad you will notice that you can not only target a single product in a single ad, but you can showcase multiple products to the viewers at the same time through the same ad. Of course, it will increase the probability of selling.

Make the Ad Attractive to Grab the Attention of Your Target Audience

People are busy and that's why there are other businesses all around them who are fighting for it to grab their attraction, but unfortunately, they tend to scroll down the feed section fast. So, to attract their interest, you need to stand out and make some really innovative text/image/mixed/video ads that catch all the attention, make them have a look into it, at least once. There you need to score.

Make the Ads Colourful, Bright, and Image with High Resolution

The Facebook layout is blue and white, you know it already. So, your ads must not be of the same color, else people will not notice them. Instead, make the ads with bright attractive colors, and in case of images, go for high-resolution images with people demonstrating your products with happy faces. You know, people get attracted to happiness when they make a positive decision, such as purchasing a product.

Don't Drive the Traffic Directly to the Site, but to a Specially Designed Landing Page

This is something really very important. You must not drive the target audience directly to the website, instead, create an attractive and effective landing page where you talk about your target product, it's advantages, and get ready to start with the sales funnel. Now, if you would have brought them to your site, it would have confused them, and they would have found themselves in the middle of so many products and so many other things which they are not at all looking for. And you would have surely missed out on a golden opportunity of selling the product you want to sell. So, a landing page (for every product you target) is what you require.

Add a Call-to-Action in the Landing Page to Make the Sales

When a user drops into a landing page, gets more details about your target product and starts getting interested in the same, now it's the time to bang on target- give them a professionally designed "Call-to-Action" that makes them make immediate decisions and you get the sale. Use terms like "limited offer", "the offer ends today", "last chance for grabbing the hottest deal" that encourages the user to take immediate actions.

In Case, the Sell Doesn't Happen, Do Remarketing through the Cookies

Finally, after doing all these efforts, it can happen that you don't convert everyone that drops into the landing page. And that will happen for sure, it's absolutely normal. But don't you worry, you have the cookies that will help you in re-targeting the audience once again for the same/similar products you want to sell. So today or tomorrow, you will have the chance to sell your product if you bet your money on the Facebook paid ads for eCommerce business.