LinkedIn Marketing- How Does it Work? How to Take the Best Advantages of LinkedIn Platform and Grow Businesses?

10 LinkedIn Hacks to Double Up the Conversion

All of us who are into professional lives, be it a regular job or a business, know about LinkedIn and have a basic profile too at that platform. It all happened when we were a fresher/job seeker and people told us to create a profile on LinkedIn to get a lot of job opportunities coming our way. At least in my case, something like that happened. I was just a college pass out at that time and came to know about LinkedIn through some of my relatives when I was searching for a job. I didn't choose to join any company and started my own venture, that's a different story. But the fact I can't deny is, throughout all these years, so many opportunities came through the super helpful LinkedIn platform. But I hardly used to log-in to LinkedIn as I already had a business going on.

So my point was, most of us know LinkedIn as a professional website that connects job seekers with employers and also freelancers. But that's not the whole story at all! Even I believed the same thing just as you do now, and so I turned a deaf ear towards LinkedIn for all these years until I came to know the power of LinkedIn marketing and how LinkedIn can grow your business to the next level. Today in this article I'll be sharing those secrets with you which I personally learned a few months back, and already implemented the strategies in my business, and you know what- they are super awesome, has completely changed my business, almost doubled up the sales, giving a huge outcome altogether.

I would recommend you to stay tuned till the end, get to know these very simple yet powerful tricks, apply on your LinkedIn, grow your business. Alright! So let's get going.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies that Grows Your Business

Write Engaging Posts:

You have a LinkedIn profile, that's fine. But are you writing enough posts on LinkedIn? If not, then start doing it right after you finish reading this article. LinkedIn is one of the biggest search engines on the web and known as the largest business hub in the world. The audience you find here is highly convertible, they are professionals, and most of them are earning well, well-established. So they can make quick decisions when it comes to monetary actions. Writing helpful, engaging posts can definitely attract people, you can promote your business, services, products, or the affiliates and draw a huge amount of revenue.

Join Niche Groups:

Similar to Facebook groups, even LinkedIn has niche groups where you can join or create your own niche group and make like-minded people join the group. It's much easier when you find a readymade audience/potential customers whom you can convert into regular customers very easily. There is no limit to it, so join as many groups as possible, share your posts there and be active in those groups to enhance credibility and promote your business.

Know Your Keywords Well:

I assume that you must be knowing the keywords that best describe your business. If you are not sure about it, then start researching the best keywords for your business. For this purpose, you can take the help of the free online tool Google Keyword Planner. Once you know the keywords well, write them down in a notebook or in an excel sheet. Then try using the keywords effectively in all the posts that you write on the LinkedIn platform and also use them in various sections of your LinkedIn profile.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile:

Following the previous point, it's about the keywords. The more you use them effectively and carefully in your LinkedIn profile will benefit your ranking on LinkedIn. As you know that LinkedIn is a search engine, so if you optimize your posts and profile, you can definitely expect higher ranking and greater search engine visibility on LinkedIn as well as on Google and other search engines on the web. And you know, more visibility means, more traffic, more exposure, more sales. And not only the keywords, but keep upgrading your skills and other stuff to make people know about you more and the services you offer.

Increase Connections:

Know this well that you are not there on LinkedIn to get connected with your friends or with the people you already know. You can do that using some other social networking sites or apps such as Facebook or Whatsapp, Viber, etc. LinkedIn is for professional use, for business. So, don't get stuck with only your known connections, reach out to more people, increase the connectivity. The more contacts you have, the more you can promote your business.

Link Your Website: 

If you have a well-designed and well-planned website of your business, try driving LinkedIn traffic to the same to promote your products and increase sales. You can do that easily by creating links to your website in the articles you share or LinkedIn or/and through the tiny link in your LinkedIn profile that redirects to your website.

Share the LinkedIn Articles to Other Platforms:

To reach more people and to enhance the existence in the online mediums, keep sharing your LinkedIn posts to all the renowned platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, etc. Keep doing it regularly and you will see the difference instantly.

Run LinkedIn Paid Ad Campaigns:

When you do all the work as I mentioned above, and still need more traffic, and that too very soon-just check out the LinkedIn Paid Ads options. It's really helpful stuff, but I suggest you do proper research on that thing, and then invest your money in it. It works but, if you don't do it correctly you may lose your money. If you don't want to be in such risks, study well about it, and then invest.

Stay Motivated and Keep Working On It:

You know online marketing is not a one-day job, it needs your patience, time, analytic skills that grow with experience, and more. So as you are new in LinkedIn Marketing, give yourself time to understand the things how it works. It works, but you need time to get things going really well for you. So stay focused on your goal, don't get demotivated if you don't get immediate results, and keep working on it till you nail it.

Help People in Your Connections to Increase Credibility:

It's you who will create all those posts and share them, it's your profile who will talk about you. So you will need credibility to make people follow you. And how to do that? By helping people. Yes, just keep answering things that you know and people have asked for. Be active and helpful in the groups you are in. You will gain followers and gain credibility. Then what will happen? I guess you know it by now.

That's NOT ALL, there are so many more things to share with you about the LinkedIn platform and LinkedIn Marketing Strategies. Follow our posts to know more about LinkedIn Marketing and much other stuff related to online marketing, content marketing, business promotion activities, branding, etc. Wish you good luck with your marketing strategies and keep working on it, stay focused, the rewards are just waiting for you. Let me know in the comments section your feedback on the article and if you have any queries related to LinkedIn Marketing or online marketing strategies.


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