" Your Brand Is What Other People Say About You When You're Not In The Room "

You too have a story just like others and want to create a credible BRAND while staying true to who you are? Every BRAND has a different personality that's what makes them unique from all.

It takes 5 - 7 impressions for the audience to remember your brand. So have strong digital branding is fuel for every business. Many people have a misunderstanding about branding that it only focuses on the logo, Images but it's an infinite field full of creative vision and more than that.

We are in an era full of technologies and the Internet is the source through which we are connected just us. Our basic touchpoints including Apps, Reviews, Social media, website, search engine results Etc. Your audience will decide for your product/ Services only if you have a digital online brand presence.

Branding plays a huge role while connecting your brand and your audience. It will directly show how you market your brand to be on top.

I'm Sachin Gupta ( Branding & Marketing Consultant ) Founder of SEO Tech Experts.

Importance of building a Brand with Digital Marketing

It builds trust and bonds with various stakeholders:

Branding helps to create Goodwill and attract various stakeholders, Investors, business partners, customers strategies in branding is not just a means to increase the number of customers in a company. Investors will invest in your shares only if your business has a good reputation in the market.

Branding helps people to identify and to remember your product:

Just think Brand like a person every individual has a different personality like different dressing sense, ways of communicating, Values characters Etc. It makes an Identity who we are and people will always remember. It is more than a design, logo. It is connected with every single thing in surroundings to our business.

Branding creates an emotional bond with the customers:

Branding creates a huge trust with the targeted market with ceratin dignity and value so the customer keeps buying the product and gives suggestions to their knows. your values towards the customer how you treat them matters and helps to create an emotional attachment and your brand treats them.

Helps customers to reach out to you through a website:

Your logo is the sunshine of your business one can easily recognize your business from a logo on your website. If a customer wants to know your products, location, or any other details they will search you on Google and if you come on top then it automatically creates a great impression they will expect to get the information quickly and easily.

Branding Helps To Attract new customers :

Branding can help you connect with new customers with the help of reputation in the market. Your brand name will be shared by various loved ones if they love your products & services. The rapid increase of the competition with so many options available to the consumers will help you stand out from the crowd.

Our Specialities

What I as Brand Consultant will help you?

My creative team of Branding & Digital Marketing strategist will transform your business to the next level with the latest marketing techniques and tactics. Big or small companies, Startups or brave.

We create vibes that customer catches easily or want to hear which you want to deliver on.


I'll provide in-depth marketing expertise with marketing research, Brand solution & Brand analysis to businesses sell their goods & services successfully by achieving goals and objectives.


I will help you reach new markets with innovations. I will track the activities and analyze them according to the market research. Planning Promotional and marketing strategies and more.


Access customer perception because customers are the base of the brand so my team will conduct primary & secondary research and study according to the marketing trends

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