How To Choose the Right Social Media Platform?

choose right social media platform

Why is it Important to Choose the right Social Media Platform?

social media platform

As a business owner, everyone thinks to keep their business on top and for that, they don’t want to leave any stones left unturned. They take very well and calculative steps on how they can promote their brand and enhance their business growth, they constantly think of how they can promote their brand and where (platform) they can promote it. You must be able to define the correct platform to multiply your business growth.

Is there a right or wrong method in selecting the Social Media Platform?

When it comes to marketing there is no right or wrong way to do it. You must understand that what can work for you doesn’t mean it will work for everyone and vice-versa, hence every marketing strategy is right you just need to keep in mind which one aligns with yours business.

How can you select the Social Media Platform?

Now, you must be thinking about how one can do it? How can you choose the right platform for your business and multiply your business growth? Don’t worry we have worked out this math for you and have made choosing the right platform as easy as it can be.

  1. Audience: For each and every marketing strategy it is a very vital and non-negotiable step and ignoring this can cause your business serious harm. By knowing your audience you can easily understand what your customers want and how can you provide it!
  1. Set goals: Once you are done knowing about the audience now you need to set clear and attainable goals for your business, it can be as simple as driving more sales,  increasing brand presence or simply for reaching out to your customers need
  1. Reach your audience: After you have set the goal for your business you must choose the way to attain them, it simply means you just simply need to find the platform which has your target audience and can even help you reach your goal 
  1. Competitor analysis: Do a deep dive search method to know about how your competitors are working and which of their tricks are working for their best (use of their social media account)and can you learn from them 
  1. Create your account when needed: This step simply mans that just because every business is creating account on all the given doesn’t means you should also do the same. Always remember just because can doesn’t mean you have to do what others are doing
  1. Align all your platforms: Let’s suppose you have chosen two platforms which aligns with all the points we have learned till now then it doesn’t mean that you will post different kind of content on the two. Remember that if you want to create a brand image then you have to maintain a consistent uniformity 

Popular Social Media Platform and its Audience

Here we have listed the entire major and most used social media platform and the audience age group they cater too 

  1. Facebook: One of the most social media platforms, have around 2.45b monthly users with daily usage among the age of 18-54 
  1. Instagram: It is owned by Facebook and has over 1b users and is highly popular among the age group of 18-30 and is an excellent place to show off about your business 
  1. LinkedIn: Best professional social media platform and has over 690m member and it is used by almost all professionals 
  1. Twitter: Twitter generally act as the news hub among all these social media platforms and it has a crowd of over 330m active users. Running ads on this platform is a little costlier than in comparison of Facebook and Instagram but it also have a high conversion rate 
  1. Pinterest: 360m active users among which 71% of the users are female and around 25% of the B2B companies use it to showcase their services.
  1. YouTube: It has around 2 billion active users and has now turned into the second most popular search engine and is used promptly among the age group of 18-49

Key points of Social Media Platform

  1. Instagram would appeal more to entrepreneurs and those who can invest in creating visually appealing collateral.
  2. Pinterest has a larger female audience, hence it appeals to businesses and industries like tourism, food, and fashion.
  3. LinkedIn is the niche social media platform for businesses, corporations, and professionals hence making it ideal for B2B businesses.
  4. YouTube helps you to make everyone understand your products better.  

There is one thing for sure which you need to keep in mind that is you can’t invest equal time, effort and money on all the platforms, hence you need to specifically choose which platform is more important to you and have a high ROI and keep the ball rolling on the others, to achieve the best results 

How Social Media Can Help in Online Reputation Management

Gone are the days when businessmen put thousands of efforts to promote their brand and have a presence in the market. However, in the present world all you need to find the right business for yourself and there is n number of marketing strategies and tools to promote the brand. Other than strategies and tools, social media platforms are one of the best sources to boost the brand and its reputation in this tech-savvy business world. Business leaders can create their business accounts on all social media platforms and can have a strong presence over the web. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, the official accounts will easily help the brand to reach the potential clients. The higher the reach will be, the higher the awareness about products and services will be there in the market.

Once the brand has gained potential traffic and presence over the web, it is really important to have a trust factor. Trust is one of the major factors that would help potential customers to stay with the brand for years and when brands have loyal customers and recommendations, it is a great success for the company. In this highly competitive world, it becomes tough for businesses to build the trust factor, but with online reputation, management entrepreneurs can build a great reputation among the competitors. By having an online reputation, the business will get a great jump in its revenue.

Since online reputation management (ORM) is really important in the present world, you must understand it and get to know how you can make the best use of it to maximize the online reputation. Well, here are some of the important points that can brilliantly improve the online reputation for your brand.

Bring Name and Fame: The online reputation program helps the brand to earn a great name and fame. It even boosts brand awareness among targeted customers. Once the targeted customers convert into a lead, it eventually improves the sale. And later word-of-mouth marketing brings great name and fame in the existing competition. Other than name and fame, higher traffic on the website will also improve the online rating and it certainly helps the brand to extensively grow in the market and have a huge profit.

Customer Reviews: Apart from having loyal customers and higher traffic over the website, it is really important to have positive customer reviews. These days, the new customers go through the reviews in the comment section and get an idea about the product and services. The better the customer reviews, the bright the future will be. And With the help of ORM, you can have better customer’s responses. So, plan to get the ORM service and improve your brand’s reviews.

Enhance Customer Relationship: It is really important to be active on all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. The prompt replies and better solutions will help your existing customers to resolve their problems or queries related to product and services. It will not only provide them mental satisfaction but somehow it will leave a lasting impression that the brand is trustworthy and always takes the accountability of their product and services. And when your relationship with your customers is quite good and friendly, they certainly visit the website again and again. It is eventually a great success of availing ORM services.

Expert’s Advice: It is always good when an expert person recommends the product and service. It leaves a great impression on potential customers. Thus, you must have experts advise to make buyers understand how beneficial or important your product is and how it will bring change in their lives. This simple factor will again contribute to making your brand talk of the town. So, hire an expert now to build confidence among your customers.

Strong Presence Over Web: In the present time, Search Engine Ranking plays an important role, thus it is important to have a perfect SEO as it will help the ORM professionals to maintain a strong presence over the web. No doubt, that all the above-mentioned factors will contribute in help your brand to have a strong presence over the web and this truly make you feel top of the world. The small efforts make a big difference in today’s competitive world. So, just have a quality SEO work as it will help the ORM campaigns to bring a more positive result for you.

Social Media Goals: Other than having a great SEO, you also need to understand what are your social media goals? Whether it is to promote the brand, increase potential customers or followers, or to increase sales, whatever your goal is. You need to strategies the campaigns according to your goal and make sure to get the results accordingly. Gradually the positive results and successful connections with followers will also make your ways clear. Secondly, the ORM professionals will make the best use of the positive response of the followers.

Drive Sales: When every factor right from perfect SEO to the best customer relationship will be good, then it eventually helps the ORM professionals to bring you the best result in terms of driving sales. Now, to have a perfect online reputation management service, you need to have a well-performing website with quality content, SEO, positive reviews, great customer relationships, and lots more. So, leave all worries just be focused to obtain the final result.

All these above-mentioned factors will help social media platforms to become stronger than ever. And later, ORM professionals can make the best use of these factors to enhance the reputation online and make your business talk of the industry. So, hire the best ORM professionals to take your business ahead and bring you the best result you ever thought of. It is always good to be the part of latest business strategies so don’t think so much, look for ORM and try this for your product and services. Its optimum result will surely bring you brand awareness, a great reputation, higher sales, followers, and best ratings. What else you can expect from a simple strategy. Go and grab it for better business opportunities and unbeatable success.